My successful Travel company.

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ADM Vacations name was created for my travel company through InteleTravel. ADM stands for Alexia, Debbie and Mary. Alexia that’s me, Debbie my mother and Mary my grandmother, two wonderful ladies that God created. Now both of these ladies have passed on but my travel company is keeping them alive in my heart. My mother passed when I was 2 years old but I heard wonderful things about her from my best friend, my world, my grandmother. I took her passing very hard, she was my everything. She did get to live long but death is not easy, at all. This travel company will keep them close to me and my heart. And I am glad God has giving me this opportunity to make this dream come true.

Are you a entrepreneur, love the travel industry, love to travel and want to earn money part time on your own time? Contact me if you’re interested.

ADM Vacations “Let’s Book Your Dream Vacation”

Published by Lexie G.

I am a business owner, wife and mother. I achieved many tasks in my life, plus dealt with a lot of failures and now I have success. ADM Vacations is my travel business, I'm a freelance make-up artist, a blogger, and a independent financial service representative. The world is full of life, fun and fashion. Take a peak into my world, my thoughts and my heart.

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