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Ready to relax and sail. Contact me to book before February 29th, 2020.

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Lavish stay in Cozumel, Mexico

The resorts in Mexico are very classy and very highly talked about. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time too think about where you’re going to relax for a 4 day weekend. View this video to fall in love.

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Christmas time in Pennsylvania

For a Christmas vacation, most people think of New York’s Rockefeller center, ice skating, Time Square, big exciting Christmas tree and the most upscale restaurants.

Christmas in New York

The flashing lights, big city, New York fabulous life and the expensive hotels, did I forget to mention that. Oh I’m so sorry. Well, yes, New York is expensive to stay at. However, if you just take a trip close to two hours away from New York, you will find yourself in beautiful Pennsylvania. There’s so much more to do here and you’ll save money in the bank account.

Take a look in Newtown’s Shady Brook farms for a very merry light show. Sit warmly in your vehicle with the family. Drink hot chocolate, enjoy the lights and ride. This fabulous light show is right off highway 95. So amazing you can see the beautiful lights from a distance.

Shady Brook Farms in Newtown, Pa

Then there is Feeney’s in Southampton, PA. Just to make you aware, there is a lot of people who come to see this magic store with Santa Clause to take pictures with the family and more. The parking lot can be busy. When you enter Feeney’s view the nutcracker house or take a look into a small decorate town with trains and more. You can walk around, enjoy the scenery or buy as much decorations you would like for your home. Feeney’s is an amazing place.

Feeney’s in Southampton, PA

Bucks county also has the best 5-star restaurants in the area. Most of these upscale restaurants you can find in Washington Crossing, New Hope, Langhorne, Southampton and Newtown, Pa. Most visitors love to enjoy the fine dining experience. The Temperance House on State St in Newtown, PA, is a popular spot for enjoying the finer things in life. We did not forget the vegetarians. The best vegetarian spot in Southampton and very close to Feeney’s, is Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille on 2nd St Pike, Southampton, PA. Better set your reservations to experience a classier taste.

The Temperance House & Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

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