Lavish stay in Cozumel, Mexico

The resorts in Mexico are very classy and very highly talked about. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time too think about where you’re going to relax for a 4 day weekend. View this video to fall in love. Are you ready to book a luxury weekend getaway? View deals and more packages orContinue reading “Lavish stay in Cozumel, Mexico”

Christmas time in Pennsylvania

For a Christmas vacation, most people think of New York’s Rockefeller center, ice skating, Time Square, big exciting Christmas tree and the most upscale restaurants. The flashing lights, big city, New York fabulous life and the expensive hotels, did I forget to mention that. Oh I’m so sorry. Well, yes, New York is expensive toContinue reading “Christmas time in Pennsylvania”

My successful Travel company.

Join our Facebook group to follow our brand. ADM Vacations name was created for my travel company through InteleTravel. ADM stands for Alexia, Debbie and Mary. Alexia that’s me, Debbie my mother and Mary my grandmother, two wonderful ladies that God created. Now both of these ladies have passed on but my travel companyContinue reading “My successful Travel company.”